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Why should I use your FREE online entry system?

Our innovative easy to setup online show entry system is ideal for any equine event requiring pre entry, so Dressage and One Day Events will feature largely in this arena, but you may also want to allow pre entries for Hunter Trials, Combined Training, Demonstration Evening or Training Sessions.

Is FREE really FREE?

Completely! As a Show organiser you receive every penny of every entry fee. There are no hidden charges or commissions to be deducted. Obviously somebody has to pay for the service but this is covered by a Booking Fee paid by each competitor that uses the service to enter online. This Booking Fee (similar to when you buy concert tickets) is very low at only 50p per entry plus 3.4%.

How does it work?

  1. Register yourself online as a Show Organiser. (Register here).
  2. Enter your shows and classes information including entry fees, closing dates/times (with online entries you can set the exact time you wish to close entries!), any late booking fees.
  3. Enter your PayPal ID to receive online payments directly to yourself- no need to trust us. Or you can leave us to handle the payments if you wish.
  4. Link directly to our online system from your own website (optional).
  5. Keep track of entries through our neat control panel as they are made.
  6. After the closing date/time you will be able to download a competitor list for each class to allow you to then work out your timings (or you could ask us to do that too).
  7. On the day after the show either a BACS payment will be paid for the WHOLE sum of your entry fees (no deductions) into your nominated Bank Account or an Invoice will be raised for 25p per entry if you have been receiving payments directly for each entry (This 25p will be covered by the 3.4% and 50p Booking Fee you have received per entry). You may opt for monthly payments/invoices should your entries be small but frequent.
  8. Should you cancel the show before the Show date we will automatically refund all entry fees direct to competitors (unless you have opted to handle payments yourself through PayPal), again saving you time and effort. One less headache.

What are the advantages then?

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